How to Find Cheap Hotels on the Net

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Travelling on a budget doesn’t mean forgoing life’s little luxuries such as a comfortable and secure hotel stay where you can relax, get room service and experience sumptuous breakfast buffets. Sometimes accommodation expenses cost more than airfare, but there are places where you can find great hotel bargains that won’t make you feel like you’re depriving yourself of the vacation you deserve. Here’s how you can find cheap hotel accommodation online.

Browse through voucher sites.

Voucher sites make it easy for people to find cheap hotels by scouring the net for fab promos and putting them all in one place. The promos are listed according to brand, so if there’s a hotel in particular that you fancy, you can simply type the name of the hotel in the voucher site’s search box and you’ll see all of the deals that hotel is currently offering. You can also search for accommodation options according to category, which is useful if you don’t have a particular hotel in mind. A great place to find voucher codes for Britannia Hotels is to check online and look at sites like Total Discounts well before you begin your journey.

The deals you can grab vary depending on the hotel, but generally the offers include reduced rates for two-night, three-day stays with a buffet breakfast for two, a free massage or day at the spa and airport transfers. You can also get deals on tour packages, so if it’s your first time in a new city it would be an excellent idea to avail of the promo—just make sure you book within the specified validity period.

Compare prices on booking sites.

Another way to find cheap hotels online is by going to booking sites where you can compare hotel rates for the accommodation you require on your planned travel dates. The price comparison feature shows you how much room rates are for your specified dates for different hotels, so you can determine at a glance which hotel can give you the most savings. Do take note that the published rates may not always be the total cost for a day’s stay—make sure you also check out what is included with that rate, such as breakfast, pool and gym use, Wi-Fi access and refreshments.

Check out official hotel websites and social media accounts.

Every now and then hotels would have flash sales on rooms, especially when bookings get cancelled or during a dry tourist season. These promo rates would be announced via the hotel’s official website and social media accounts, if any (and there should be!). It takes less than a minute to check out, bookmark and follow a hotel’s website and accounts, and some hotels even conduct giveaways when you follow, like and share their posts. Who knows, you may get to win a free two-night stay!

Try out secret hotel deals.

If you like a bit of mystery to go with sure-fire savings on your accommodation, take the plunge and book a secret room. In a secret mystery room deal, you are given a discount on your hotel stay but are not informed beforehand about exactly which hotel it is. You’ll be given a few clues to help you make your decision and will be told the name of the hotel once you’ve paid for your reservation. Many travellers have been shocked (in a good way, we assure you) to be given a luxury room in a top hotel at amazingly low rates thanks to these mystery rooms.

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